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Bretons Model Flying Club Rules

To ensure that we follow all the necessary legal and necessary requirements as laid out by the BMFA, CAA and Local Authority whose ground we fly on we have to follow a strict set of rules.

These are there for not only complying with the law and requirements of the land owner but also for the safety of club members and any members of public at the flying site.

These rules can be changed at any time as required by the club committee to continue to comply with any changes to the law or local authority requirements allowing us to fly and as such this means it is a strict club requirement that all members follow all the rules and any such changes that may occur.

All members must abide by the club rules as defined and laid out in the downloadable file below at all times.

Any breach may result in a verbal or written warning or even a temporary or permanent ban from the club.

Please ensure that you are always aware of the latest club rules and
also please keep a chekc on the club notices page for any changes or ammendments to club flying rules.

Bretons Model Flying Club Rulebook